Pet Friendly Arrangements

  1. Pet Friendly – we are happy to welcome your pet-children at The Yard.
  2. Unsupervised Pets – are not allowed. Pets can never be left alone on THE YARD without their owners.
  3. Dont feed other pets – especially our dog, NINA. She is on a special diet for her skin. She almost died because of bones stuck in her throat.
  4. The Cottage has been specially equipped to accommodate pets. (eg. fencing around and Cosy dog box if they want to take a nap outside.
  5. Bedding – Please always bring your own bedding/blankets for the pets. If you need an extra doggy blanket, to cover maybe the furniture, we can supply you with a clean pet-friendly blanket to make everyone relax in case they jump onto the bed. (Please communicate your need with your hostess.)
  6. White bedding – yes, we do have white bedding on our beds, but we prefer swopping the white for our pet-friendly multi colour bedding when you are bringing a pet along.
  7. Pick-up-Poo – please pick up your dog’s poo to make it landmine safe for everyone else on the property.
  8. No scratching on doors – please refrain your dog from scratching on inside or outside of any doors.
  9. No Pets on Furniture – we do understand that each person treat their pets differently. Seeing that we receive many guests at The Yard, we ask that you will please refrain your pets from lying /sleeping on the furniture. If it is impossible to keep them down, could you kindly cover the furniture with a doggy blanket (Let us know if you need an extra blanket).