Save our Resources


  1. Water – although we were blessed with good rains, water is still very expensive.
  2. Towels – Please keep your unused towels rolled up and the used ones open in the bathroom, so that we know which ones to wash.
  3. Washing Lines – Do not hang wet clothing or towels over anything made of wood. This will spoil the wood and soil the towel. Please use the washing lines provided at each unit.
  4. Linen – Your bedding will always be crispy clean, but sometimes  not ironed because of a saving of electricity.  The washing is done with a bio-degradable soap that is non-allergenic.  Rain water are used and all of this goes back into the garden.
  5. Geyser – each unit has a separate geyser. We will appreciate if you can regulate your geyser by switching it on 1 to 2 hours before you want to take a shower.
  6. Lights – please switch off lights when not using the room. Especially see that the outside lights are switched off.
  7. Aircon – currently there are aircons in The Cottage and Katze Dormitory. Please don’t leave the aircon on while the doors/windows are wide open OR if there is no one in the unit.
  8. Windows – Could you please open your windows regularly so that fresh air can circulate through the unit. This will help us prevent dampness and ugly smells.